Introducing SIGG 2009 Series

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Premium Swiss bottle manufacturers SIGG has been around for 100 years now. Hard to believe that folks a century ago had sleek pure aluminum bottles at the ready everywhere they went, but yes, they did. In fact, SIGG has been around and producing their top notch bottles for so long that they’ve been dubbed “simply the best bottle on the planet” by many.

With their perfectly designed and manufactured bottles boasting leak-proof performance and extreme durability, it’s easy to see why that’s the case. Each SIGG bottle brilliantly incorporates a special solvent-free, eco-friendly, powder-based coating that isn’t just layered on – it’s baked on – for its characteristically vibrant finish. Inside, SIGG bottles are lined with a non-toxic coating, that is once again baked on to remain flexible and crack-resistant for the life of the bottle. It even remains resistant to fruity acids and the energy drinks we like to chug. Yummy drinks 24/7. And as if that’s not enough, SIGG policy also ensues that each step of the manufacturing procedure is designed to put Mother Nature first. It’s no wonder that SIGG has, in 2008, become the number one leading brand of reusable water bottles in the world.

In conjuction with their 100th Anniversary, SIGG has launched an exclusive, commemorative collector’s edition range of bottles which are already available in Malaysia with prices starting at RM129. Look out for their 2009 collection due out in January of next year, to be priced from RM69 to RM129.

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