Illustrating Magic With Tan Eng Huat

The Radioactive Creative Chaos is a crossover project between the label Radioactive and 8 local designers to create t-shirt designs based on their own styles. Simply called the 8th RDCTV Creative Chaos, the project allowed the artists to use all forms of material usage, colour detailing and technical printing.  An annual project, the artwork is then printed on t-shirts to be mass produced. As one of the 8 designers, Tan Eng Huat’s international fame and skills got him a spot in this venture.

Tan started by designing covers for local comic magazine Gempak since 1996, which gained him international recognition. In 2000, he was signed up by DC Comics to create his magic on Doom Patrol, JLA, Authority and Batman. His magic on touch on Doom Patrol won him 2 international comic awards – Russ Manning Award for Best Newcomer and Best New Talent at the 5th National Comics Award 2002 in Bristol. He has since completed his work on The Silver Surfer and is currently illustrating Ghost Rider for Marvel Comics. Malaysia boleh yo!

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