Is there anything Yuna can’t do? Apart from being singer and a songwriter and studying for a law degree, she and 2 of her friends recently opened her very own boutique ‘I Am Jet Fuel’ named after her online blog shop iamjetfuelshop.blogspot.com. This quaint little boutique is located at SS15 Subang, known for being notoriously busy filled with the highest concentration of students. The moment you step in (shoes off, please) the vibe of the shop feels so intimate with its dark grey walls, soft lighting and solid wood floors. Even the posters on the wall came all the way from London.

Iamjetfuel may be small but its full to the brim with awesome things for every girl and boy. JUICE spotted a few favourites that will definitely catch your eye like neon shoes (unfortunately not in our size), gladiator heels, vintage handbags (we bought one), and a very nice boyfriend blazer with striped lining. Most of the stuff is picked up from places Yuna has traveled to for gig. And every item is reasonably priced. JUICE remembered someone asking once “If she had a boutique would she also sell nice scarves?” Yuna wears a tudung, so the answer: Yes she does, in all pretty colours and print!

Iamjetfuel is located at 23-1, SS15/8B, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Open Tuesday to Sunda,y 12pm to 7pm (closed on Mondays). For more info log on to iamjetfuelshop.blogspot.com.