How Well Do You Know Your Colour Contact Lenses?

Imagine this: Mesmerising, colourful and beautiful eyes, together with your perfectly chosen outfit for the day. This is just perfect.

But before we start going to any optical shops to ask about colour contact lenses, how much do you really know about it to make the right choice to fit into your lifestyle?

Other than making sure your eyes are safe and comfortable, do you know that buying colour contact lenses at night markets is not exactly safe? Night market contact lenses are sold at a cheaper price and are not properly endorsed or recommended by eye care professionals like optical shops that we see in the malls. Its quality or safety is not assured so we might end up with eye complications too!

Next, cosmetic contact lenses have evolved over the years with various of colours choices. However, to have a pair of cosmetic contact lenses design that is elegant and classy besides enchanting colours does not come easy.

Contact lenses have long been in the market, and as the pioneer of contact lenses, Bausch + Lomb is no stranger in the scene of high quality eyewear. Bausch + Lomb does not only produce clear contact lenses, now they too have highly anticipated colour lenses to offer. Unlike most brands in the market, Bausch + Lomb cosmetic lenses come not just in colour, but also with diamond and jewel designs.

Whether you like to appear bold or casual, Lacelle has few options for you to choose from.

Lacelle Diamond

If you’re in for an elegant look, then Lacelle Diamond daily contacts are the best for you. Printed with an exquisite pattern of a solitaire-cut diamond, your glamorous eyes will be embedded with diamond patterns that will dazzle with charm and wonder. With three gorgeous colours to choose from, you can radiate with every blink of your eyes when you put on a pair of Lacelle Diamond lenses.

Lacelle Jewel

If you’re more of a girl that likes some fun, then look no further, because Lacelle Jewel monthly contacts have an excellent lens centration system that give pupils a mesmerising doe-eyed effect with its unique jewel pattern. Lacelle Jewel contact lenses are exceptionally decorated with a shine that mimics a jewel, it’s like wearing real jewels in your eyes!

The exquisite technology that Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Jewel & Diamond use enable the wearers to put their mind at ease. The colour-embedding technology allows the colour to be printed in between the thin lens in a way that protects our eyes from having direct contact with the colour and at the same time, preventing colour leakage. Your contact lenses will look like new lenses everyday!

Why compromise quality for price when you can get it all with Lacelle Jewel and Lacelle Diamond series? Two different lens but equally trustworthy designs under Bausch + Lomb family!

Check out Lacelle’s website to get colour matched or, read up on our review of the Lacelle colour lenses to know what we really think.