Hipster Girl Dress Up

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What d’ya know? It’s a Friday, everybody! We all know Friday’s the day to slack off at work and it’s the night to dress up to the nines. Girls, let’s do ourselves a favour today by killing 2 birds with 1 stone with this nifty little game.

Called the Hipster Girl Dress Up, this paper doll-esque dress up Flash game comes with a Manic Dream Pixie Girl approved wardrobe that doesn’t include tiaras and prom dresses. Let’s tatt ourselves up, tighten those boot laces and pick our outfits for a night out at, erm, most probably TAG @ Barsonic. Now if only this Flash game catered to boys as well… Kudos to the game’s accuracy – this is what I look like, albeit (way) shorter. Remember this million dollar face and come up and say hello if you see me around!

Start pickin’ those outfits at www.hyptod.com/fls/games/hipster_girl_dress_up/index.html

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