Herbivore Botanicals’ Truly Natural, Sensorial Beauty + Skincare


Herbivore Botanicals prides themselves in being a natural, sensorial beauty brand that creates only the finest products to elevate the skin’s condition. Last month, we tried a few of their products and the results have been more than satisfactory, enough that we tried even more of them.

Blue Clay Balancing Cleanse Clay Soap Bar 

Clay Soap Bar

Washing our faces with body soap whilst in the shower is all too common — this is either motivated by laziness or forgetting to restock finished face wash, but sometimes body soaps can be too intense for our skin, which can cause breakouts. This Blue Clay soap bar performs two duties; it’s beneficial to both body and face. Featuring ingredients that include Lavender essential oil and Cambrian Blue Clay, they’re extremely beneficial to one’s skin as they rid it of all impurities while maintaining the skin’s moisture. We’ve definitely seen a tremendous change in our complexion — pigmentation has lessened, which makes our skin glow a little. Crazy, we know, but it’s true.

Blue Clay Balancing Cleanse Clay Soap Bar retails at USD12 (approx. RM49).

Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask 

Blue Tansy

Using masks a few times a week is encouraged as it helps remove dead skin and ‘Ye knows we have too much deadness. The Resurfacing Clarity mask is made with White Willow Bark — a natural beta hydroxy acid (BHA) — that’s high in salicylic acid, whose priority is to unclog pores. There’s also multiple fruit enzymes in this mask’s recipe that help exfoliate, and Blue Tansy oil that’s high in Azulene, which doubles as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. Despite the fancy-could-these-be-medicinal-ingredients, it has a rather refreshing scent; the texture of the mask itself is light, it tingles during the first couple of applications but that’s just because it’s setting into the skin.

Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask retails at USD48 (approx. RM194).

Coco Rose Lip Polish 

Lip Polish

Our lips have just as much dead skin as the rest of our face, only it’s more visible as it peels very attractively. Polishing or scrubbing lips every so often should be mandatory for anyone that applies lipstick on themselves everyday or for those who want healthy-looking lips. This lip polish includes Virgin Coconut Oil that’s rich in acids and proteins that provide intensive hydration and nourishment to the lips. Definitely a product worth starting out with unless a strong coconut scent is something you’d prefer to live without, then probably best to try out another polish.

Coco Rose Lip Polish retails at USD18 (approx. RM72)

Shop for these products at www.herbivorebotanicals.com when our currency doesn’t hurt us by very much. 

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