Hello Kitty Maybelline Kawaii Desu Ne!

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No sooner had I clapped eyes on this Hello Kitty mascara from Maybelline at the counter of Watsons than in a bat of an eye lid a pack had been delivered to JUICE Towers. My super powers must be getting stronger.

But nevermind my superpowers. What about the powers of Japan’s cutest feline! Hello Kitty has just wowed Maybelline New York and the results: this special edition of Maybelline New York’s No.1 mascara , Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes.

In a metallic pink packaging imprinted with this iconic Japanese cat creature, Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Hello Kitty is supposed to give you five times the volume with an amazing 75° curl. Mee-ow! It’s got waterproof Curl-Lock technology that helps lashes stay fierce up to 18 hours, even if you have lamentably short, skimpy and straight lashes, while Feline Lash Comb technology separates lashes for that fanned out look – similar to what you see on Hello Kitty.

Wear it in two ways – bold and dramatic, and inspired by Tokyo’s fashion capital for unique street fashion, this looks is Bold and dramatic; or offset with pink lips and cheeps for some serious super kawaii cuteness. Purrrrrrr….

Available exclusively at all Watsons outlets nationwide, Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Hello Kitty is priced at RM36.90. Join this Facebook page to know more about this awesome mascara at www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81931889641.