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Central St.Martins graduate Julia Herderus has revealed her new avant garde collection under the name Kites, taking inspiration from a kite’s construction and playful movement in the air. The 30 piece menswear range consists of a curious mix of highly original tops, bottoms and accessories.

A futuristic and conceptual menswear label designed in Sweden, the luxury sportswear garments are inspired by modern architecture and street fashion and created for men who appreciate an unconventional cut and shape. Earlier work has been formed by inspirations such as jigsaws, Lego and box shapes. Besides new shapes and unconventional cuts, Julia uses hi-tech fabrics and no-sew technology, with the aim to create garments that feel like they’re all made in one piece and founded like a plastic Lego block. Kites design direction follows previous seasons where rectangles are still present with a slight distortion, colour palattes are calm greys, green, black and white with small blue leather details and flowing silk is used alongside wrinkled polyester.

Soar to new heights with Kites from Hederus at www.oki-ni.com.

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