Hard as Shwood

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Wayfarers and Clubmasters are two beautiful classic shades that unfortunately are now associated with hipsters but so what right? We all own a pair anyway. But If you’re looking for something special yet something that offers durability and quality that you would get from a pair of trusty Raybans then look no further than Shwood’s beautifully crafted hardwood frames. They’re enough to give you a hard on. Morning Shwood, geddit?

Shwood currently comes in 2 different designs; the Canby and the Govy both handcrafted from exotic wood using special technology. Making the most of the wood’s grain and texture, they are made the old fashioned way using 3 different types of wood to choose from – Maple, Zebrawood or Wenge.

There’s also nothing worry if your inner environmentalist screams “Murder!” at the thought of forest trees getting cut down for the sake of fashion. The wood used for the Canby is locally sourced while the Govy  has wood sustainably harvested in Africa. Now you can put on these Shwoods without worry and think you’re the “environmentalist that forgoes the use of environmentally bad plastics for sustainable wood”. Want to go the extra mile to say you’re special? Pretty soon Shwood will offer the service of custom engraving them. Now isn’t that something else?

Check out the beautifully ahndcrafted Canby and Govy from Shwood at www.shwoodshop.com or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Shwood.