Grunge It

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Oh flannel shirts, how they bring you back to angst ridden times of the 90s where people named Kurt, Eddie, Gavin and Scott sang songs of pain and anger that no one felt but only you. And with the rising popularity of said Kurt, Eddie, Gavin and Scott (and many who followed in their footsteps) came the popularity of flannel shirts. 10 years on, flannel shirts still prevail among grunge rockers and lumberjacks alike. Talk about lasting power! What has lasted longer is the company Pendleton Woolen Mills who have been producing flannel shirts in all their wooly glory for over a 140 years.

Every Pendleton flannel shirt (in every imaginable colour possible) is lightweight and made out of luxurious 100% pure virgin wool. Boy, does it sound like it would make a nice blankie you can hug to sleep with. Anywaaaay.

Besides their kickin’ flannel shirts they also have accessories like flannel scarves, timber hats, bags- the works to give you that ultimate flannel experience. Although, if you have to buy a brand new flannel shirt to go grunge, you’re clearly missing the point.

Get clickin’ at to see what Pendleton has to offer.

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