Graff Dem Tees

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Graffi Tee is one of those cheeky brands with really fun and interesting stuff, and what struck me most about these tees was its sense of fashion, colour, and its tongue-in-cheek meaning some of their tees portray. Because of this Graffi Tee’s will definitely be crowd pleaser when you walk around in these eye catching tees.

The first tee out of their collection that first caught our attention was the ‘Return to Reason’ t-shirt. Its  vibrant colors makes it suitable for just about anyone to wear – and it’s bright so be warned,  the desired effect wil simply make you just want to have tons of fun. Second reason to love that Graff tee lies in its polka-dots and upside-down font design that’s going on. How can you find something like that boring? And with a message like ‘Return to Reason’ its a casual reminder not to lose yourself in whatever you do and come back to reason. Fun and thought provoking stuff!

The 2nd tee that really stood out with us is one reddish-pink shirt that said “I’m not racist only color preferences”. Though it seems that it may be inclined to sound racist we trust Graffitee to present it all in good humour and harmless fun. Its tees like these from Graffi Tee that make em’ simple yet interesting.

Personally the grey shirt had the most interesting message about the earth staying green, which I think would send out a really good message to the people around you. In fact, it actually would help raise a little awareness to some of us about appreciating the world a little more. Also, grey is one of the colours we men usually prefer for clothes anyway so that was a great deciding factor for me! Graffi Tee is worth a look see, whatever your deciding factor is there is something in there for you.

Now available at One Utama at their latest outlet. To see more of their cool line of clothes check out their website at Also check out our picks below!