Gourmet Corridore Black/Cyan

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source: Gourmet Corridore

This Fall is full of fantabulous surprises, and the Gourmet Corridore is certainly one of them. Designed with the primary intention of being utilised on the trail, this pair won’t look out of place on the streets, either. Gourmet has been at the forefront of artistic and technological advancement, and we get all the goodies in one silhouette just in time for Christmas, this time around with some haute Italian-American influences to boot.

It rests on a speckled white sole, designed for maximum durability and comfort with Gourmet’s trademark ultra leggero technology, a lightweight compression moulded eva foam that guarantees a strong, yet sensible grip and feel around your foot. The upper, on the other hand, comes with a limited black ballistic nylon and neoprene fit that allows for optimum breathability, lined with waterproof suede.

Don’t get us started on the aesthetic. The kicks come in a classy colourway; a Black/Cyan palette that would fit nicely with the rest of your Hypebeast collection. Pair this baby up with that fuccboi all-black look – oversized tees, slim fit pants, minimal black cap – and that cyan tongue will be accentuated like the only lit neon sign in a pitch black street.

Cop a pair as quick as you can and lace up. This sneaker can do it all.

Available now via Allike Store for €119.90. 

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