Go Digital: Watch Out Part 1

It’s the future! Who needs hands to tell time!? In fact, with technology basically doing things for you nowadays who needs hands now anyways? Pretty soon we would only need our thoughts to get things moving. How? Duh, because we evolve man. That’s what X-Men taught us – and Hollywood too. You know they’re always scientifically accurate. What were we talking about again?

Digital watches are straight to the point. They tell you the time without having to go around in circles to figure out which hand goes where to tell you the time. Why can’t humans be as straightforward as digital watches? Its a mystery we will never know…

The digital watch craze has been around for quite a while now, with 2 of the most popular brand being Casio. We at JUICE thought that we should inject some colour and some breath of fresh air this Spring to introduce you the newest Adigital watches around that come in every colour possible, like a bowl of Skittles we always say. Watch out next for ‘Three Faced’, our part 2 in our ‘Watch Out’ blog series!

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