Glam Street Fashion Bazaar @ Sundays Beer Terrace

Weekends are best spent with the company of friends, beer, live music playing while you browse through a wide array of stalls selling stuff on a budget. After their first successful run at [email protected] Choon, Glam Street Fashion Bazaar brings back their boutique lifestyle living concept with entertainment, shopping, music, food and beverage under one roof to Asian Heritage Row.  In a nutshell, the Glam Street Bazaar is one of those events fit for a breezy Saturday evening.

Glam Street Fashion Bazaar was not the usual frenzied shopping market with serious fashionistas rushing to rummage through the best find. It was a place where effortlessly chic fashion forward females took their time to browse through stalls while the DJ played indie music upstairs and if you browsed downstairs, then there would be a live acoustic band downstairs. These also one of the few little events where boyfriends looked like they actually enjoyed themselves. Smart thinking for the organizers Adam Liew and Chabom to hold this at Beer Terrace complete with a pole dancing fitness showcase too by Broadway Poleworks.

Besides the wide array of different stalls of affordable and unique clothes ranging from unique handmade jewelry and accessories to designer handbag rentals, there was even a Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) table that gave workshops and gave everyone a nifty AIDS ribbon, a pack of condoms and a packet of lube that could easily be mistaken as a packet of ketchup. Rad. Glam Street was also on hand that day to collect all second hand items (clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, books or CDs) which were sold and all its proceeds were donated to MAF.

The highlight of the day was when the lucky draw was announced. As per usual, this girl here has never ever gotten picked out in a lucky draw before but it was that exact moment where I felt it the most. The prize? An international trip that’s worth up to RM15000. Ouch. Oh well, at least Glam Street Fashion Bazaar gave everyone – guy and gal a good evening (and money) well spent. Adam Liew said it took 2 months of preparation for this event, and it was well worth it. Watch out for their next event, we heard it might be even better!

Glam Street Fashion Bazaar was held @ Sundays Beer Terrace in Asian Heritage Row on 12 June 2010. Check out more pix in our gallery!