Get Your Hands on the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection

Supermodel by day, makeup mogul by night. Fans of Gigi Hadid were all delightfully surprised when she teased about her upcoming collaboration with Maybelline back in October. Now, the tease is over, and we can finally get our hands on her drop-dead-gorgeous collection.

A year in the making.. #GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON. @maybelline ✨

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We’re not joking when we say drop-dead-gorgeous because LOOK AT THIS. It looks pretty much like every girl’s wet dream, and our eyes are tearing up just looking at the packaging.

I have always believed that great makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” Gigi says about the line. “I was empowered to create something that I couldn’t find before, while also making sure it was a full set at an affordable price.”

Together with Maybelline, Hadid definitely did not disappoint with her amazing jetsetter makeup kit, said to be tailored for people who are constantly travelling and always on the move. However, on the move or not, the makeup line is definitely a must-have.

The entire makeup line is an array of products Gigi finds essential for travelling, and is split into two collections: ‘EAST COAST GLAM’ and ‘WEST COAST GLOW’, clearly named to reflect on her home base in New York City and her hometown in Los Angeles. The two collections are complete polar opposites, which seems appropriate seeing as the East and West coast are both opposite ends of the US.

The ‘EAST COAST GLAM’ products are all sold separately, and are set to create “chic and badass day-to-night” looks, according to Hadid. The collection features products with cool, neutral tones, including an East Coast eye contour palette, black liquid liner, gel liner, tinted primer, three cool toned matte lipsticks, and finally a ‘Liquid Strobe’ iridescent highlighter that gives your skin a silvery iridescent glow.

The ‘WEST COAST GLOW’ products are also all sold separately, and according to Hadid, “everything you need to get [your] favourite golden eye, sun-kissed skin, and vibrant lip,” to make you feel effortless and sexy. The collection includes a nude gel eyeliner, ‘Last Sensational’ mascara, three bold matte lipsticks, a West Coast eyeshadow palette, tinted primer, and finally a ‘Liquid Strobe’ gold highlighter that is bound to make your look dewy and absolutely blinding.

Where can I get these products in Malaysia?

Have no fear, the JUICE team has your back and we’ve got all the deets on where you can get your hands on these babies.





Grab these beauties now before they run out of stock and glow just like Gigi.