A Chinese New Year-Inspired Makeup Look to Give Your Family Something Else to Talk About Besides Marriage

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Chinese New Year is the time for families to (over) indulge in food, many rounds of gambling, hunting for ang paos, and older folk to ask dreadful questions about your love life regardless of its status as being active or non-existent. So, we thought it’d be best to give your family something else to talk about this year besides who you’re dating.

For the first episode of JUICE‘s Game Face series, Nicole Chen creates a rose-gold look that will hopefully get your relatives to ask how you managed to get your cheekbones to shine (here’s where you teach them to say “it’s poppin’!”) instead of when you plan on having kids.

How to Achieve This Look


Step 1: Apply the first shade onto the crease — brush it lightly to create a soft look — then, apply a darker colour onto the outer lid and blend those shades together as though your life depends on it.

Step 2: Apply a brighter shade onto the inner lid for the added pop of colour. Since it’s Chinese New Year, Nicole thought gold was an appropriate shade to represent this festivity.

Step 3: Draw on winged eyeliner that’s sharp enough to cut the most annoying relative at the reunion dinner.

Step 4: Put on false lashes. Falsies can be slightly agonising to apply, so, be sure to watch tutorials to learn how to prevent it from falling off halfway through dinner.

Step 5: Highlight your cheekbones, nose and eyebrow bone to show that your future is as bright as the product you used for this look. You may not have a man but your face is poppin’!

Step 6: Lastly, use a neutral or nude shade of lipstick to complete the look. Or, if you’re feeling a little bolder, red lipstick is a good choice.


Eyeshadow ColourPop’s ‘Kathleenlights’ ‘Central Perk’ and ‘Drift’ + Tartelette‘s ‘Force of Nature’ ‘Bombshell’
Eyeliner Kat Von D‘s ‘Tattoo Liner’ in Trooper Satin Black
Eyelashes Elise’s ‘4781’
Highlighter The Balm‘s ‘Mary Lou-manizer’
Lipstick NYX‘s Liquid Lingerie in ‘Exotic’

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