An Anti-Valentine’s Day Look With Nicole Chen

To celebrate anti-Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with Nicole Chen for the second time for our Game Face series to produce a look that represents everything we love about this occasion; dark lips, dark eyes, and sharp winged eyeliner. No better way to look approachable on this day than to cake your face up with an unconventional sweet (to each her own, alright?) look.

How to Achieve This Look: 0BED2DFA-3937-4D68-AA4C-968314312465

Step 1: Apply the first shade around the outer crease area to build definition around the eyes. Then, continue the step by adding a darker or contrasting shade.
Step 2: Blend the colours in as though you’re going to go on a date with Idris Elba. Do you want him to see the difference in intensity between both your eyes? The answer is no. Keep blending.
Step 3: If needed, add more eyeshadow to make the colours stand out even more. Once you’ve gotten the desired definition, you can use your eyeliner. We went with the standard winged-eyeliner just because it’s the easiest trick to make our eye makeup game look, well, sharper.
Step 4: False eyelashes.
Step 5: It’s highlighting time! Highlighters have been a great cosmetic product to use when we feel like looking put together without having to put in too much effort, y’know? Apply it on your brow bone, your nose, and cheekbones.
Step 6: To achieve a darker lip look, Nicole used a black eyeliner to line her lips and then applied two different shades of red to complete the look. Keep that in mind for the next time you’d like to create somewhat of a similar look.

Products Used For This Look:

Eyeshadow Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Modern Renaissance (‘Red Ochre’), Sephora’s ‘Red Carpet 286’, Tarte’s Tartelette (‘Fashionista’)
Makeshift Lipliner NYX’s black eyeliner
Lipstick Colorpop’s ‘Creeper’, MAC’s ‘Lady Danger’
Highlighter Mary Louminizer’s ‘The Balm’
Eyeliner Silkygirl’s Precision Liquid Liner
Hair The Hair Tric and Lashility 

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