Futuremade Studio’s ‘No Time Out’ Collection

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Futuremade Studio — previously known as ‘Futuremade’ — is a brand that prides itself in being controversial as well as the retail equivalent of a therapist since its objective is to encourage its wearer to focus on where he or she would like to be in the future. Its colour palette is in line with the likes of Against Lab and Three by Third Culture — think soft pinks, blues and a smidgen of black. Credit for one of the three colours must be given to the 6 God who turned the infamous pink (remember when shufflers were the only ones seen wearing soft pinks? Ah, the days of Tropicana Life are upon us!) into a socially acceptable hue amongst his growing cult and streetwear labels whom are no longer riding the monochrome horse.

The label started two years ago with the mission of being different — when a majority of Malaysians grew to adore fitted t-shirts, Futuremade were churning out long oversized tees. The label was also intrigued by the association certain colours had with each gender — pink being for girls while blue for boys — its founder rolled his eyes towards the archaic stereotype which led to designing gender-neutral clothes. Part of its rebranding focuses on sourcing better materials for its t-shirts and attention to details which can be seen in its side patches and contrast stitching. ’No Time Out’ is its latest collection which focuses on 3 major designs spread across t-shirts, tote bags and soon-to-come dad hats.

Its objective is to evolve into being more than a retail label; it wants to be a platform for creative minds to connect with one another which is an admirable approach, however, we’re not seeing this translated in its clothes which is unfortunate because the potential is there. Since this is the first collection to be designed since its rebranding, we’ll wait with bated breath to see what more Futuremade Studio is capable of — for now, we’re hoping that it’s not comparable to any existing label available in the market.

JUICE is an advocate of pushing our streetwear labels to being the best possible versions of itself, however, each time a brand aligned with this route is brought to our attention, the biggest difference it has are its names. We’re sure there are more we’ve overlooked so, if you have any labels which look vastly different from the next, hit [email protected] up.

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