Freshen Your Body And Zen Out Your Soul With These Exotic Crystal Bar Soaps

In this fast world we live in today, sometimes we take in more pressure and obstacles from our everyday routine than what our own body and mind can handle. Whilst some may opt for the modern way of healing, others can’t deny that at the end of the day, the traditional and spiritual form of healing somehow works best – even if science can’t explain it. The power of believing, shall I say?

Crystals are believed to carry and transfer energies, which is why some people use them as part of their healing. Each crystal carries its own meaning and energy that are specified to the needs that suit you the most. With that in mind, Katrina Wright, founder of Crystal Bar Soap, created a product that will surely make your daily cleanse a whole lot more therapeutic.

These bar soaps aren’t just like your regular ones; in fact, each of them contains earth crystals which helps re-energise your spirit and remove negative energy every time you wash up. *sigh* Can you just imagine coming home and taking a relaxing shower after a long day? Smelling like fresh flowers and your whole bodily energy is aligned and balanced. Furthermore, each soaps are carefully selected with their own scent and colour that matches the stones.


Taking an excerpt from their official site:

“We sun/moon charge every crystal before we placing them within the bar, allowing the energy to set within the soap. When the soap runs out, you are left with a crystal ready to recharge and use again and again.”

Not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle that’s based on the ideas of a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty free future which is what their team strives for everyday. Their minimal packaging also encourages their customers to reuse or recycle their shipping materials.


If you thought that these might be pricey? Honey, no. They are as low as $7, which is around RM30 per bar soap, and hey, it’s not that bad! They are beautiful, nicely scented, but most importantly, think of how well it will match up with your bathroom aesthetics.

Check out how it’s made below!

Found something zenful? You can head over to Crystal Bar Soap to purchase!