Freestyler: The Project Part 1

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Reebok teamed up with a cutting-edge stylist and up-and-coming photographer in the trendsetting cities of New York, London, Munich, Hong Kong and Paris. This is the story of Reebok’s biggest celebration, the Global Freestyle Stylist Series.

In 2007, Reebok celebrated the Freestyle’s 25th anniversary and in 2008, launched the limited-edition Freestyle Cities Europe collection. The Cities Collection, inspired by London, Madrid, New Delhi, New York, Paris and Tokyo, was represented by a Freestyle Ambassador from each city, a woman who embodied the Freestyle way of life: stylish, inspired, individual and independent.

This year, the Global Freestyle Stylist Series continues to celebrate individual and inspirational women who choose to live Freestyle. For the project, Reebok teamed up with a cutting-edge stylist and up-and-coming photographer in the trendsetting cities of New York, London, Munich, Hong Kong and Paris. Each duo was invited to interpret a Freestyle shoe — the most iconic female sneaker in history — through photography which would then be exhibited at gallery launch to underline the project’s international flavor and give creative communities around the world the opportunity to view the exciting results of this unique collective.

The series launched in New York in June at the Tribeca Cinemas Gallery in conjunction with the release of a new collection of Freestyle His for Fall/Winter 2009 including the Freestyle Femme Fatale, Freestyle Frosty Treats, Freestyle Patterns, Freestyle Layered, Freestyle Nostalgia, as well as Freestyle Gilded and Freestyle Stripped packs. Each season, the classic Freestyle hi-top leather shoe, with two Velcro ankle closures and durable rubber soles, is updated and modified and continues to set the trend by combining chic style with inspirational design, innovative themes and bold color statements.

The New York initiative saw a Freestyle shoe creatively interpreted by Annette Lamothe-Ramos, Vice magazine stylist and fashion editor and Lit Lounge DJ, and snapped up by photog and film director Mathew Frost. The Global Freestyle Stylist Series then moved to London in July, with a launch event at the Reebok Seeding Lounge in Shoreditch, having partnered up with the notorious Namalee, the creative brains behind the phenomenally successful Super Super magazine and frontwoman of Namazonia. It was photographed by club snapper Billa Baldwin Munich hosted its launch in August at Baaderstrasse 7 Gallery with Maral Salmassi, a German stylist renowned throughout Berlin and Munich’s creative scene. Founder of the techno label, Konsequent Records and new media label, Art of Perception, Maral’s explorations in music and fashion paved the way for an 80s inspired execution by Styleclicker’s Gunnar Hämmerle.

The tour then traveled to the Far East. Hong Kong was the only Asian city to host the global event and JUICE was on the guest list. Held at the Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage in Hong Kong, Davena Mok, the Director of A-Vibe, a youth marketing-pr-events consultancy and trend-focused agency teamed up with Douglas Young, the energetic founder of the GOD (Goods of Desire) to create the four-part “Hail Heritage” collage exhibition series.

The Global Freestyle Stylist Series wrapped up in Paris in September. Closing the show was Nadège Winter, brand consultant, fashion writer and style, eco-web warrior and Headbangirl DJ and singer, who interpreted her favorite Freestyle with the help of Parisian underground girl band, The Jealous Freekerz. CD for music label Because Music and herself a former stylist and fashion journo, cohort Nathalie Canguilhem caught it on camera.

Reebok Global Freestyle Stylist Series was celebrated around the world in New York, London, Munich, Hong Kong and Paris throughout 2009. Head on over to for more Reebok goodness.

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