Remember that guy with the long hair and who was in your high school metal band and who referred to everyone as “dude”? Remember the funny t-shirts he wore that had taglines like “Sex Instructor – first lesson free”?

Well, if you’re like JUICE and you feel that fashion, like everything else, needs a little humour, then enter Frankiemumbo. With a tagline that goes, “No sacred cow left unmilked”, Frankiemumbo knows how to put an “OMG!” and “WTF?” on your face.

Local pair Irene and Justin started Frankiemumbo a year ago. “We like t-shirts. We like buying and collecting them. We like wearing them. In fact, we eat, sleep and even poo in them. And t-shirts are better when they have cool designs on them. The funnier, weirder and bolder the design, the better. After all, if you’re going to wear a t-shirt with something printed on it, it might as well make people notice you. Otherwise, what’s the bloody point?” Irene enlightens us.

“Unfortunately, the type of t-shirts we like can’t be found in Malaysia,” Irene continues. “And the stuff available online from the States and Europe costs an arm and a leg because of the exchange rate and shipping charges. So we made a life-changing decision: ‘Screw it! We’re making our own damn t-shirts!’ And thus, after a very long 12 months in the planning, with lots of trial and error, Frankiemumbo was born.”

But far from the usual toilet humour and lame pun t-shirts, Frankiemumbo fuses political quotes with pop pieces. You’re friends will still get the jokes – if they’re smart enough.

Apart from selling their tees at events like Art For Grabs and Urbanscapes, Frankiemumbo tees are also available at Wheel Love Skateshop (see our directory). So if you’re looking for something with a helluva personality and a razor sharp wit to boot, head over to Frankiemumbo’s blogstore.

Check out for more. For enquiries, e-mail to [email protected] or call Irene at 012 387 0098. Don’t forget to moo when she says hello.