Frames of Your Life

Giorgio Armani says that “life is made up of consecutive moments that constantly bring something new”, so Giorgio Armani sent four young, cool photographers into the streets for its eye wear campaign.

Called Frames Of Your Life, four international bloggers and photographers were sent to Milan, Paris, London and Berlin in November 2010 to capture images of stylish trendsetters on the streets and as a result, for a moment, with their own interpretation become the star of Giorgio Armani eye wear.

The Frames of Your Life campaign will continue out of Europe during the first half of 2011 to the streets if NY, LA, Tokyo, Hong Komg, Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. The best shots from all over the world will then be curated and will be featured in a special finale event. Let’s hope they make a pit stop here. Those pictures are gorgeous!

The best street snaps from Paris, Milan, London and Berlin can be seen at