Forever 21’s Star Wars Collection

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We’re three days away from watching an epic battle take place in a galaxy far, far away. Two ways to prepare for this insanely hyped up moment; watch the entire franchise before the new episode hits theatres ot to be decked out in as much merchandise as possible on the day of its released. We’ve seen our share of extremely dedicated fans who don Star Wars gear from head to toe in a casual setting — imagine what this special group of people will be wearing during the opening day. To make you look less like a cosplayer and more chic, Forever 21 has teamed up with LucasFilm to produce a 30-piece collection featuring some of the film’s most memorable lines and characters — the most prominent one being Darth Vader — in the form of bodysuits, sweaters, sweat pants, and t-shirts.

Check out the limited edition collection below:




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Forever 21’s Star Wars collection is currently available at all Forever 21 outlets.