Flip Flop, You Can’t Stop

Thanks to global warming and the fact that Malaysia is near the equator, flip flops are something that we Malaysians are used wearing and seeing on other people. Heck, even we at JUICE spend our days at the office in a pair so it’s pretty amazing to find out that flip flops are such a bane to most people in the States. Unlike Malaysians, who grew up practically wearing those familiar blue and white RM5 Japanese slippers, the flip flops trend only happened to rise among Americans around the summer of 2006.

But we digress. We are not Americans, we are proud flip-flop lovin’ Malaysians, and what better way to reward ourselves than with famous Brazilian Havaianas for our feet. From July onwards, Malaysians will be able to purchase the infamous flip flops at Mooks which is the authorised dealer of Havaianas in the country.

Havaianas were born in 1962, and they are so popular you can find them practically everywhere in Brazil. Havaianas also has its devoted legion of fans around the world. These Brazilian babies are coveted for their comfort, the extensive range of vibrant patterns and colours, and textured rice pattern on the footbed that is inspired by Zori Japanese sandals.

Havaianas have been a trend to Malaysians and were only available for those who travelled far to own a pair. Now we only need to head to any Mooks store which will be carrying more than 40 sandal designs like their basics -Havaianas Top, Slim and Brazil – and also the special editions like the glow-in-the-dark line, the Wave and the Fit line, which has an additional adjustable heel strap priced at RM65 and above.

Apart from Havaianas, Mooks lives up to expectations of being one of the coolest lifestyle stores in the country, delivering the most original, coolest and the freshest products, carrying brands like Rip Curl, J-Fold, Lomo and more.

Mooks is located at Pavilion, Level 4 and The Gardens, 2nd Floor.