Fendi Cruise 2011

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Christmas is coming and tis’ the season to give and receive! Fendi goes all candy coloured with their purses and wallets for their Cruise 2011 Collection. Perfect Xmas gifts for us girls, no? Hint hint somebody, err, anybody!

The Inox leather collection comes in plenty of sparkly, shiny colours to choose from like Silver, Red Ferrari, Cyclaman, Gold, Turqoise, Violet, Pink, and Copper. This particular leather has a special knit effect because of the leather’s overlapped laminated layers that were printed with pixel effect. We wonder how someone could’ve thought of something like that? So girls, start hinting to your respective partners. You don’t want to end up with redundant, unimaginative presents on Christmas day -like an umbrella or something. You know how boys are.

The Fendi Cruise 2011 Inox Leather Collection can be found at Fendi KLCC. For more info log on to www.Fendi.com