Femmething x PMS @ Bar Sonic

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After giving the guys plenty to eyeball, the recent launch of sister site Femmething.com saw self-funded streetwear informer and fashion-event agitator Streething get in touch with its feminine side and give the girls something to go gaga over. Pairing up with Aussie-based, Malaysian-run fashion blog and online shop Project MuffStit (PMS), Femmething’s event debut made the typical high tea and fashion show combo peddled to females look about as pleasing as an open-casket funeral for a dog-mauling victim.

Short, to the point and all over by 9.30pm, Femmething’s YC Phoon and PMS’s Sheryl and Chelle’s one-off fashion collaboration played to a packed house, no mean feat in a city that shlepps its way to events after midnight. But this was no ordinary fashion shebang. With Arabyrd doubling up as performer and MC, and Bulubulu Studio’s wild imaginings painted on canvas slip-ons and fashion illustrator, Shairazi Sulastry aka GG’s couture curious installation at the entrance, the byword here was “experimental and edgy”.

Models tore down the runway in Femmething x PMS’ largely monochromatic palette of black, white and grey in ensembles, fit only for the fearlessly fashionable: shredded jersey necklaces, skirts so short they ought to come with a parental guidance sticker, geometric pleats, gathers, near backless waistcoats, cropped tops, vinyl-look leggings, and flesh – lots of it.

The creativity didn’t stop at the end of the runway either. In a here’s-one-I-made-earlier moment photos of MuffStits’s own collection of forward thinking frou frou frocks as shot by Fazil ‘Zillieman’ Fuad were taped to the walls in a throw up style photo gallery, while graphic artist Edi Yusri Esa aka Spoonman, who’s grabbed attention through his customised work on sneaks, streetwear line and his eye-grabbing Oneye motif provided the night’s live installation.

With flea markets, secret sales and fashion blogs spreading like a contagion, events like this are the shape of things to come. Welcome onboard, Femmething!

FT X PMS tread the runway on Friday January 23 at Barsonic. More Femmething and Streething at www.femmething.com and www.streething.com. Don’t forget to check out projectmuffstit.blogspot.com, oneyebyspoonman.blogspot.com and bulubulustudio.blogspot.com too. Click here for more snaps.

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