Harajuku Lovers Winter Limited Edition

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Snow bunny (snoh) (buh-neh) n.1. An uber fashionable girly-girl who uses the snowy streets of Harajuku as her own personal catwalk.

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance: n.1. A fatal attraction to cuteness.

You willl not be able to resist the packaging even if your heart is made of stone. Come on, even if you’re packaging designer! How can you not go “awwww” at these cute dolls? The fact that its a celebrity fragrance brand should be enough to turn all of us off but seriously that is one helluva fragrance bottle.

Harajuku Lovers are back with the same fragrances each named Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby and G with their own personality. This time all “bundled up” in limited edition wear for the cold winter. You will definitely find 1 that suits your personality.

‘Love’: Pretty in Pink
Love is the quintessential snow bunny! Buttoned up in bows and frills, Love hits the snowy streets of Harajuku in shades of pink that match her cold rosy cheeks. Her hair is done up in bobby pins inspired by the Decora Girls in Tokyo while sporting a candy-sweet coral pink peacoat with oversized pearl buttons. A warm and wooly houndstooth scarf and baby pink gloves keep her warm when her love is not nearby. Her sweet pleated miniskirt dons appliquéd bows while white tights keep the chill away. Baby pink mid-calf Velcro closure boots provide a final finishing touch!

‘Lil Angel’: Cute and Coy
Lil’ Angel wears a cute and cozy grey and gold sweater with the signature HL heart logo – which was knitted by her favorite grandma in Kyoto! A sweet polka dot miniskirt with girly gold ribbons tops bright red opaque tights and warm buckle boots. Perfect for Lil’ Angel as she cozies up to a roaring fire with a stack of the most fashionable magazines!

‘Music’: Mischievous and Playful
Creating a style all her own, Music shops the chilly streets of Harajuku in a second hand, color blocked puffy jacket that she accessorizes with a cashmere gold scarf and bright red mittens. Her sheer white sundress with a multicolor embroidered hem is stylishly worn over baggy sugar cane jeans (to remind her that warmer weather is on its way). Bobby pins, inspired by the Décora Girls in Tokyo, add a final touch of cuteness!

‘G’: Leader of the pack!
Always ready to spot the next big trend, G wears a red and white vintage gingham jacket layered over a fluffy Alice blue argyle sweater with a second hand plaid school girl skirt from an all girls Prep School in Okinawa. Bright green gloves add a pop of color! G is accessorized from top to bottom with a fresh white bow, polka dot opaque Alice blue leggings, and lace up black boots.

Harajuku Lovers Limited Edition Snow Bunnies 10ml EDT is retailed at RM87 each for a limited time only starting December 2009. Check out all the dolls www.HLfragrance.com.