FashionValet Opens Its First Flagship Store

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FashionValet is the leading retail website in Malaysia. With over 400 brands in its digital catalogue in addition to having customers from almost every continent, it’s really a no-brainer as to how it was christened with such a title. Okay, maybe being the brainchild of Vivy Yusof and her husband Fadza Anuar helped too since they’re both fluent in fashion and business.

For those unfamiliar with FashionValet, or as it’s fondly known as, FV, it curates the best ready-to-wear collections from regional designers such as Alia Bastamam, Tsyahmi, and Zakwan Anuar to name a few. Having an online business has its limitations, especially if it’s retail-related for the simple reason that customers may want to try the products on before buying it — because the struggle of getting clothes you’re confident will fit but then it doesn’t because the cut is different and you couldn’t properly gauge that through a screen is too real! — and feel the garment’s quality to justify the cost.

FV has been a webstore since 2010 and a successful one at that, so the next natural step was to open a flagship store — which it finally did in Bangsar Village 2. Now patients of retail therapy will have a physical outlet to heal themselves at — terrible for the bank account but great for the economy. Since FV houses hundreds of brands, it’ll rotate which collections to showcase on a fortnightly basis — depending on how fast or slow each brand move. The space will display everything from clothes to accessories to shoes to bags, and yes, the new Sofina‘s are available here too. Well, what’s left from the recent collection anyway (every colour except charcoal and grey) ‘cos those babies sell out faster than punk musicians do to capitalism.

Photos of the store below:







FashionValet is located at Level 1, Bangsar Village 2 and is open from 10am to 10pm. Peep our iprice tab here for the latest deals from them.