Everlast’s Everlatest

Everlast may have gained a rep as the manufacturer of boxing equipment but they have under their heavyweight belt some of the illest loafers around. JUICE was given heads up on the latest by Everlast when a few pairs landed at JUICE headquarters. So we picked the bestest of the lot. For the guys, there are the Trevi Ox and the Mitz Ox loafers, and for the girls there are the Britz Slip On and the Paris Slip On which comes in 4 delicious colours. They should be on the shelves already so float like a butterfly and stay on your toes. They’re so hot, even our hand model couldn’t hold’em.

Trevi Ox retails at RM109.90, Mitz Ox at RM89.90, Britz Slip On and Paris Slip On at RM75.90. Pix after the jump.