ERDEM is H&M’s Next Designer Collaborator & We’re Excited

As we approach the eighth month of the year, it’s about time we save up any extra money we have for a season that will gather all fashionistas outside the door of your nearby H&M, because collaboration season is coming soon. Since the inception of the brand’s designer collaborations in 2004, fans never fail to show up at any H&M store for a chance to snag an item or two. The crowd is always crazy during the first store release, but that’s because the items are highly coveted and where else can you get brand new designer goods for a fraction of the price if not for collaborations like these?

It all started with the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration back in 2004 that set the path for super collaborators to follow, like Rei Kawakubo of Comme De Garçons and Alexander Wang. There’s more of course, such as the most recent teamwork H&M had made with Kenzo last year. The idea of bringing haute to high-street is undeniably one of the best ways for designers to penetrate a market more accessible to the masses. The results? Measurable success, and this year, H&M is set to team up with London-based designer ERDEM for a collection that will hit stores this coming November.

Everything about the collection is still kept under the radar for now, but according to the Swedish brand’s official statement on their website, the ERDEM x H&M collection will feature feminine silhouettes that the designer is known for, a line of accessories and for the first time ever, a collection for men. To give you a gist of what to expect, H&M has also released a video directed by the one and only Baz Luhrmann who helped bring the garments to life. Thanks to his masterful theatrics, ERDEM’s creations were beautifully showcased in a lush green setting that sees flowy dresses and prints. We can’t say much about what to expect, but the carefree and romantic theme portrayed in the video is a nice contrast to last year’s Kenzo collab – by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon – which offered bright colours and loud prints.

Kenzo x H&M

With a passion for timeless designs, Erdem Moralioglu is a significant name particularly in London, where he blossomed as a fashion designer. Aside from winning awards like the Womenswear Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2014, ERDEM’s gowns are red carpet favourites as seen on celebrities like Emma Stone, Keira Knightley, and more. It’s no surprise that Hollywood women flock to him for a piece of his art; the garments tell a story, and ERDEM loves narratives. On the floral prints he’s commonly associated with, Moralioglu says, “I’ve always been fascinated by things that explore femininity,” and adds, “whether it’s lace or flowers or the aesthetics of beauty.”


There’s also a mention about the menswear being loved by women, which sounds like unisex heaven for the gender-fluid babes who want to rock suits and dresses at the same time. ERDEM will also most definitely inject his romanticism in this collection, which is said to be a personal one for him. Drawing inspiration from his youth that was filled with English films and ‘90s television shows and music videos, the collection will be a mesh of the designer’s craftsmanship with an idea that was largely motivated by a music video for the Pet Shop Boys (strange, we know). To read more about the entire collection and how it came about, read the full statement here.

ERDEM x H&M will be up online and in stores on 2 November (we will get back to you on the confirmed Malaysian release date). In the meantime, follow H&M Malaysia for the latest updates.

Ooh, word got out that H&M Beauty is debuting this year too.