Embellishment Establishment

Salabianca is 1 of those local brands that have been around for ages. If you didn’t know already, Salabianca and her hot brother, Philosophy Men (whom I’ve personally always liked better) have been in the fashion scene for 10 years! Talk about lasting power. To commemorate going into their 2nd decade, Salabianca is set to open their 1st store at Suria KLCC come 23 November!

Salabianca also has a new collection out aptly titled ‘Time + Transitions’. For the past decade their forte has been the embellishment territory and their evening wear. However, Salabianca’s Fashion Director Tino Soon explains that ” Salabianca will take a huge leap forward into its 2nd decade with a collection that is clean, edgy and energetic. They’re swinging into a fresh direction with a sexier punch.” Tino goes on to describe that Salabianca could be described as “edgy minimalism with tough, chic, embellishments.”

For the individual who seeks this, ‘Time + Transitions’ will be the beginning of a new relationship. Says Tino, “We wouldn’t go as far as to say we are reinventing ourselves. Rather, we’re bridging the gap between the bejeweled chiffon silk dress and the graphically evening ensemble.”

Time + Transitions features pieces with a definite nod towards architectural draping. The use of softer fabrics, more jerseys and knits allow for deliciously sensuous draping. Clever cuts and folds points references to the “80’s origami feel, but definitely displaying twitter era looks” states Salabianca.

Salabianca store can be found at Lot 117 Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more info, check out www.salabianca.com.my.