Edwin: Road Mocc

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Ever the Jack-of-all-trades, Edwin is not all about jeans anymore. The Japanese denim heavy house now has its very own line of supreme quality kicks and they’re ready to take the footwear-loving world by storm. Featuring tailor-made styles, the shoes guarantee unrivalled support, stability and shock dispersion. Aside from that, the shoes also deserve some quality strokage, seeing as they’re made with premium, full-grade Suede Leather for comfort and durability. All of this in the form of a modern Moccasin. Enjoy making like Indiana Jones and trekking through muddy, wet terrains? Slip on your Edwin Road Moccs. With a special three colour one-piece rubber cup outsole providing not only flexibility but also great slip resistance, falling unglamorously on your behind has now been banished to a thing of the past. Available in a variety of colours and styles, prices start at an affordable RM169.90 to RM179.90. A small price to pay for happy, comfy feet. And dry, unbruised behinds.

For more, go to http://www.edwin.co.jp.