Eclipse Spring/Summer 2011

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The fashion meteor of change has struck unexpectedly and this force is behind Eclipse’s latest inspiration this season. Eclipse tells us to embrace newness and change with open arms.

The leg baring look of cocktail dresses that have dominated the past 5 years is suddenly passe and deemed too “vulgar”. With the re-introduction of longer lengths, maxi dresses get the sexy treatment with thigh high slits for that “unanticipated flash of bare thigh”. Petite ones, rejoice!

Eclipse realizes that longer, lean looks may not appeal to all body types an proportions and has shorter knew and mid-length looks for us petite women. Apart from the usual classic tailoring we’ve come to know and love from Eclipse, exciting colours like peacock blue, fuchsia and daring reds over desert tones are used to express fashion’s spontaneity.

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