Eclipse F/W08 Collection

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A succinct one-word summarization of the fashion world would be “fickle”. Everybody’s been all about the 80’s since the 80’s ended, just when we thought we’d successfully rid the high streets of horrendous shoulder pads, teased-out ratty hair and legwarmers. Thankfully these days the 80’s influences are tamer and easier on the eyes. Taking their cue (at a very opportune moment we may add), Eclipse’s fresh new F/W08 collection features the bold spirit of the 80’s, minus the tackiness. Meshing elements of boldness with soft touches of feminine allure, the collection tips its hat to the late Yves Saint Laurent (R.I.P) who took it upon himself to liberate women with his iconic pant suit. The collection brims with sexy yet defined silhouettes, with body conscious garments that drape the curves seductively.

With everything from strapless to convertible to halter to asymmetrical dresses, the pieces boast intensity yet at the same time maintaining the sexy femininity characteristic of Eclipse. Steal Diane Kruger’s effortlessly chic look with Eclipse’s new line of minimalist and classic dresses. Look out for the label’s fashion forward footwear to pair your slinky new Eclipse clothing with. Metallic pumps, matt sequined heels, strappy wedges, rhinestone-encrusted stilettos and sky-high slingbacks are just a fraction of what Eclipse has in store for the Carrie Bradshaw in you. Bags take on a trendy metallic sheen, taking you from day to night with ease. What’s an outfit if not for accessories? Answer: nothing. Luckily for us, the F/W08 collection does not disappoint. Dress up dull days with intricate, subtle jewelry or go loud and bold with chunky bling. Eclipse is the one-stop for wardrobe makeovers.