DTE x Macbeth

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Digital Trinity Entertainment (DTE) is a digital content provider, and events management and marketing consultation company set up by musicians for musicians. The all-star rockstar team is made up of One Buck Short’s Rahul, Pop Shuvit’s Moots! and Love Me Butch’s Meng. Not your average corporate lemmings, Rahul takes on events, Moots! handles sales and marketing, and Meng oversees on the operational side of things. DTE also oversees the marketing of Macbeth.

Image Euseng Seto

Right now the company is hoping to reach out for support from people in the creative scenes through their street team. Besides this, they will be supporting a lot of local gigs and international shows/festivals, joining forces with XFM radio, organising a Macbeth gig and, by the end of the year, releasing a Macbeth Asia compilation.

Macbeth Footwear was founded by Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 in 2002. The brand has expanded to t-shirts, sweatshirts and sunglasses, and is a mostly vegan product, which JUICE highly approves of. The boys explain of the new Macbeth collection, “The highlight of this collection is the studio project line featuring Taking Back Sunday, as this is the first time a whole band was sponsored and not just a single member. The studio projects are very unique because not many brands out there get to work with such a talented pool of rockstars!” There are also the brand new Mike Dirnt (Green Day) project and Cassadee Pope (Hey Monday) Studio Projects to check out. Rock on!

All Eyes On The Prize: DTE talks shop

What’s your personal favourite pair of Macbeths?
Rahul Love the Hensley’s and can’t wait to check out Eddie Reyes’ (Taking Back Sunday) shoes out soon.
Meng I love the Wallister. A classic short eyerow Oxford style on Macbeth’s signature low profile, vulcanised outsole. The Wallister has a custom heel, tongue logo patches and upper seam binding. It looks good with skinnies. Another cool thing about Macbeth shoes is that when you remove its insoles, there’s a hidden hardcore/vegan message underneath!
Moots I love the Brightons and Elliot! The colourways are very nice, especially the Brighton blues from the spring line.

What can we expect from you this year?
Rahul I’m planning Rockaway 2010 at the moment and the show this year will coincide with the release of One Buck Short’s brand new EP.
Meng LMB will be releasing its 3rd LP this year and of course…tour, tour, tour!
Moots The Shuvits are living life finally after ten years together and planning to hit the studio again to churn out new tunes!

Macbeth is available at all Ex Limited stores in Malaysia. Check out more Macbeth goodness at www.macbeth.com and find out where you can get yours at www.ex.com.my.

Meng (left) wears the Wallister kicks, top from Macbeth and sunnies from Macbeth Delonge with tortoise shell. Rahul (middle) rocks it out with the Hensley shoes and Macbeth Delonge shades. Moots (right) tricks it with Macbeth Elliott Premium Gold Holiday kicks, Macbeth New Era cap, Macbeth tee and The Wallister shades.