Diesel Flash For Fun

Hell, no. Put that away, man! JUICE didn’t mean it that way. We’re talking about Diesel’s newest collection, a line of clothing that glows in the dark called ‘Flash For Fun” that will consist of jeans, t-shirts, and even sneakers that will glow under black lights for their FW collection.

Diesel’s latest collection takes inspiration from people who work hard and play harder from day to night. So if you can’t change clothes, let the clothes change for you. This chameleon like ‘Flash For Fun’ line changes under flourescent black light because of its special flourescent coating that’s layered on top of cotton and denim.

Pieces in this collection will appear normal during the day, however at night, hidden graphics and motifs will be revealed in the stitching. On the men’s line, an Oriental dragon will appear on the back pockets, while Disco balls or earphones will appear on clothing from the women’s line.

For more info, log on to www.diesel.com.