Depression Is The New Black

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Times are hard and we aren’t really sure if depression has ever been described as cool. Perhaps the exception is Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation . Anyhoo, people have different ways of coping with depression. Some take meds, some seek retail therapy. Enter Depression, a Singapore fashion brand.

Global recession is Depression’s muse. With everything that is happening in the world from environmental problems to the economic downturn, this Singaporean based brand fights back with their latest 2009 collection, a series of “basic neccesities” for recessionistas.

Depression is the brainchild of Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh who are KL born and are now residing in Singapore. With an advertising and graphic design background, Depression is a design team that has been around for 3 years.

Their latest collection, aptly titled ‘Neccesary Evil’ consists of basic staples. Depression explains: “This back-to-basics collection of wardrobe staples marries minimalist aesthetics with a basic palette. For men, the everyday tee, shirt, pants and overalls. For women, the bad hair day hoodies, tunics and the classic little black dress.”

Most of Depression’s pieces are limited while some like their dresses and hand-made jewelery are one off items. Prices range from SGD$55 upwards. Find it at 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-41 Singapore. For more info call +65 98892179 (Andrew) or email [email protected]. You can check out their clothes below or at

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