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source: DC Shoes

Meh. Hunting down your favourite extreme sports idols for an autograph is so ’90s. DC Shoes keeps up with the times with their new Initials Collection, a Signature series that features four of DC’s top professional skateboarders – Chris Cole, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mikey Taylor, and Wes Kremer. This collection not only comes with the skateboarders’ sought after John Hancocks, but also their own fashion touches that represent themselves in their respective collections.

For the “regular-footed” Chris Cole, famed for a number of his difficult 360 flip tricks, comfort and convenience are what he strives for. His Signature series offers a collection that was inspired by Cole himself, specifically designed to meet his needs on and off a skateboard. Highlighted pieces include the Plateau S belt, Tomahawk walkshorts, and Pyramid-S backpack.

Mikey Taylor, however, is all for perfect fitting chinos with just the right amount of stretch. Hence, his Initials Collection that includes a Deacon Henley shirt and Strands boardshorts, whereas for the left-footed Mike Mo Capaldi, clean and classic aesthetics thrive in his collection of performance fleece sweat shirt and Simi cap hat, all of which are mixed with moisture wicking fabrics to breathe better and last longer.

Lastly, Wes Kremer flaunts his Polaroid photography in his Initials Collection that comes equipped with the skate essentials of AWOL jacket and Sack-S bag, be it for when you’re travelling and conquering skate parks around the world, or simply just crashing on your couch after a long day of 360 backflips.

source: DC Shoes source: DC Shoes source: DC Shoes source: DC Shoes

The DC Shoes Initials Collection is now available at all DC Shoes outlets nationwide. Check out the full collections at blog.dcshoes.com/us/en/initials-collection.

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