Cute Overload at MAC

Think bright colours, cupcakes, kittens and pixies! Come Spring 2011, MAC brings their ‘Quite Cute’ collection to stores worldwide to spread all things girly, cute and fun.

MAC’s version of cute is the girliest sort that combines pixie fashion with cute little puppies and butterfly kisses matched with cupcake icing colours and vintage romance. It’s the way of life that says “yes!” to everything adorable.

The ‘Quite Cute’ collection includes the cute pastel shades for Eye Quads, Lipsticks, Plushglass and Nail Lacquer in addition to the cutesy three Lip Pencil shades and not forgetting my personal favourite, the extra cute Mineralize Blush with a sweet heart baked into it. Did I just say the word cute one too many times? Oh I couldn’t resist. Can you?

MAC ‘Quite Cute’ Collection will be available at all MAC stores nationwide in April 2011. For more info, log on to