Crap Art

From sweet declarations of love to naughty drawings of people fornicating, we have seen it all on the walls of the best place you can display your art without having to pay for exhibition fees. We’re talking about the loo! We have chuckled and cringed at these juvenile acts some grown ups have left behind – besides depositing a few porcelain paraphernalia – but one man took it to a whole different level by giving these graffiti ‘artists’ a more permanent fixture… on t-shirts.

JUICE found this cute site where one’s man crap (time) is another man’s t-shirt graphics. is a website you can purchase t-shirts made from photograph prints of graffiti found on toilet walls of schools, bars, restaurants, colleges, libraries and basically anywhere else you can find a toilet and a wall.

The idea came out of John Tootabeanie whose crazy upbringing gave him a chance to visit many a public toilets and a creative edge (read ‘About John’ on the webby). While most of the pictures were taken by John himself, some were obtained by photos submission, from friends and the general public who want to make sure these quirky ideas live on.

So if you stumble upon any bathroom graffiti that you love and want to share with the world, write to [email protected] or to purchase a tee, log on to We’ve already added ours into the shopping cart!