Costura Cloth Inc’s ‘Humble Beginning’ Collection

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Images Ridduan ‘TTFGA’ Ismail

To celebrate turning three years old, the team behind Costura was asked to articulate their personal definition of a ‘humble beginning’ onto canvas, and thus, birthed the collection matter-of-factly called ‘Humble Beginning’. Consisting of mostly outerwear along with wardrobe staples such as t-shirts and jogger pants – in varying hues of green, navy blue, and black – the collection is made using varying elements that represent each member of the clothing line. One of the brand’s core values is to produce premium quality garments, this is reflective in the team’s dedication in sourcing the materials they use as they aim to design on comfortable fabrics for their customers. In fact, they’ve delved into their search so deeply that they found the same fabric multimillion-dollar brands like H&M export for themselves too.

Having high quality materials are as essential to Costura as it is to have well-thought out designs printed on silhouettes that have its tag sewn on — however, this is something every retail brand claims to do, so, only time will tell if the brand stays true to its word. We’re rooting for you, Costura. When asked who the Costura target market is, the founder said everyone from teenagers to married couples with kids are invited to wear his products. To further assure this statement, its clothes are unisex and most of its cuts are slim-fit, which makes it comfortable for women to wear them without the prospect of looking too masculine. It’s evident that the trophy product from this collection is the bomber jacket – despite being mostly undecorated, it’s one that attracts the most attention. Also, it helps that it’s slightly reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s iconic ensemble in Top Gun, does it not?




source: Costura Cloth Inc

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