Clothes Encounters’ Jenn Im Presents Her Eggie Fashion Label & It’s Fabulous

Images Sarah Murray

With 500 videos uploaded on her YouTube channel as of today, Jenn Im – the woman behind the username Clothes Encounters – has grown exponentially throughout the years thanks to her superb video editing skills, creative eye, and an undying passion for her craft. From filming with her former video partner Sarah to taking charge solo until the channel grew to gain 1.9million subscribers, Jenn now has a collection of makeup with ColourPop and better yet, an entire line of her own clothes under a spanking new brand called Eggie. Unlike her previous work, which are mostly brand collaborations, Eggie is 100% Jenn Im’s and speaks authentically from her to the wearer. Whatever Jenn likes, fans and subscribers can have it and we’re jumping on board with the brand’s first release that shows off Jenn’s eclectic style we all adore.

For Eggie’s debut fall collection, the Korean-American fashionista opts for trends that are already hot on both Pinterest boards and Tumblr – mixing that Instagram baddie look with a hint of femininity through flared sleeves, gingham prints, as well as white button ups shirts that are cropped and delicate. The colour palettes are soft (fuzzy lilac sweater, check!) and each piece is meant to match with everything you already have in your wardrobe. The ‘90s are also making its comeback in this particular collection, except that in satin, you’d get a mini white sheer polka dot slip dress.

For a full view of the collection, watch her lookbook video below:

Eggie offers international shipping on a weight-based quote. To shop for the entire collection, visit the official website here

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