Clot x adidas NBA

Over on this side of the world, basketball kicks can’t get any cooler than adidas NBA’s latest collabo with CLOT. To commemorate the 2009 NBA Asian Games hosted by adidas, Mark Shin of adidas Basketball and Edison Chen of CLOT have decided to come together to create 2 specially concept designed kicks for the special occasion.

adidas Basketball’s Mark Shin and CLOT’s Edison Chen chose adidas TS models reworking the top-of-the-line basketball performance shoes. With Clarity and Confusion as twin themes, the concept for the shoes were based on how urban consumers in Asia live their everyday lives, and how Clarity often comes out of Confusion in Asian city life. The same themes repeat in the struggle of young upcoming players entering the NBA.

If you like what you see, the adidas TS Cut Creator and the TS Commander LT will be available exclusively first at all Juice stores. The collab between adidas and CLOT is the beginning for more things to come for Asian fashion freaks. Jersey tanks are on the way next.

CLOT invited NBA superstar Chauncy Billups aka Mr Big Shot, the designer of the TS Creator to talk about their newest Asian designed edition, The TS Cut Creator in this video.

adidas TS Cut Creator and TS Commander LT will be made available at all Juice stores on September 11. For more info, and online shopping, log on to For Juice KL store details click here. The Juice store is also located at 2/F, A 53 Patterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. T: 852 2881 0173. A Juice stand is situated at 351 Zi Zhong Road, Shanghai, China. T: 86 2133 0808 88.

Images ILIAS