CLOT 6 Years Retrospective

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CLOT Inc recently blew out 6 candles on their birthday cake. But if that ain’t the icing on the cake, CLOT’s first brand book entitled CLOT 6 Year Retrospect is. Featuring past and present CLOT campaigns including the latest CLOT’s Spring Summer 2010 collection themed ‘The Black Sun’, the book was released on 17 June and is available at book stands in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan and all Juice stores worldwide.

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Selling at a mere RM49, this superb book is a joint effort by the CLOT crew and took approximately half a year to complete. Bringing you the best of CLOT from the past 6 years, the book opens with CLOT’s 6th Anniversary collaborations with brands such as Disney, Stussy, Converse, Adidas, Levi’s, Medicom Toy, Alienegra, KAWS and Subcrew.

CLOT invited Harlim @glam:fab and Vernie Yeung for the pictorial segment of the book. It features Creative Director, Edison Chen rocking a California desert areas in his SS10 ‘The Black Sun’ collection. A picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

CLOT also thanks family and friends for their support in the book, namechecking Hiroshi Fujiwara from Fragment Design, Eddie Cruz from Undefeated, Sam Lee from Subcrew and DJ Tommy to name a few. There’s also an exclusive interview with KAWS aka Brian Donnelly and Kazuki Kuraishi for adidas Originals.

Each CLOT 6 Year Retrospect comes with a bracelet made with Chinese silk and CLOT logo. Grab yourselves a copy from the Juice store in Bangsar Baru now, peeps!

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