Chic Yamada Makes Its Debut

All new streetwear brand Chic Yamada made it Malaysia premier with its the Chic Yamada Women’s Artistry Collection, an exclusive collaboration with Turkish fashion designer Can Oker. Unleashed at UOX Play present Future at Bukit Kiara Indoor Equestrian Stadium last May and worn there by Denise Keller, the capsule collection takes its inspiration from chicks with a love for fashion and a thirst for being fabulous. Wallflowers need not apply.

There are 6 collections in all: Jelena, Keera, Niquita, Brenda, Amanda and Sarah. Each collection takes the personality of the 6 different fictional women they are styled after, from fashion stylist to TV presenter to columnist. And there are 2 focus pieces per collection: a sexy off-shoulder long top and long low-cut singlet long priced at RM99 per item.

To celebrate Chic Yamada’s vision USD1 will be donated to support United Nation Millennium Campaign by 2015 Fund for activation activities in Malaysia with every piece of Chic Yamada Women’s Artistry Collection sold. The brand’s aim is to collect USD20,000 by 31st December 2009.

Exclusively available at, get online, get wearing it and get behind the cause now. You can also find it at Rebird Replacement in Bangsar.