Cavalier: For the Young’uns

source: Cavalier

If you don’t want your kids (or your friends’ kids) to fall into the catastrophe of insisting on being hailed as a “princess” while donned from head to toe in a massacre of pink, you might want to consider this versatile and functional kids fashion collection for their little wardrobes.

The brainchild of designer couple Angela Chong and Perry Lam, Cavalier is a collection of individuals, each piece with a statement of its own, illustrated through quirky designs and interesting details that are often inspired by the kids themselves and their boundless imagination. One of the namesake pieces from Cavalier’s inaugural collection is the Jamie’s Bermudas, made for one of their friends’ kid as part of their charity capsule, and which the earnings from item will go to charities of their own choice. The Jamie’s Bermudas captures his personality and his young love in life; it features a pocket flap disguised as a hanging book, because little Jamie loves to read.

Besides that, Cavalier also features the Dora Dress, a classic little black dress, named after Angela’s mother, with ‘rocker hand’ appliquéd pockets; the D-shirt, a hooded tee to be worn pulled over the head, just the way kids would anyway; and the Capture Skirt, a classic circle skirt with 18 woven damask ribbons to encourage creativity for the little girl to wear her skirt however she likes, with two, three or no knots!

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