Casio Exilim pres. the EX-JE10 & EX-N10

Casio has wow-ed us all with their latest addition to their Exilim collection of cameras. It consists of the Casio EX-JE10 and the Casio EX-N10. Casio takes us to a whole new level and focuses especially on the characteristics that will give the camera an appealing touch for female consumers.

The EX-JE10 model sets itself apart from many other cameras, thanks to the sleek compact body and the very feminine and striking curved lines. Something else that gives it that oomph, other than the 16.1 megapixel lens, is the attractively designed and custom made shoulder strap that goes over the neck too; in a way it portrays a handbag and makes it that much more suitable for them ladies. The jacket is especially made to enable their users to start snapping photos at a moment’s notice, without having the trouble of taking the camera out of its case. It comes in three different colours, white, black, and pink, doesn’t get any cuter guys.

Then there were the Casio EX-N10 model; a dressier and rounder version of the EX-JE10. It comes in gold and magenta and grabs your attention with the glowing glittery layer. It also has a meticulously designed quilted texture engraved on the inner layer of the case; which makes it that much dressier. It is said to compliment the styles and colours of a woman’s wardrobe and jewelry. Other than its fine aesthetic, the EX-N10 has also have a 16.2 megapixel lens and similar to the EX-JE10 it offers very advanced shooting features like the Auto & Makeup function.

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