Case East Spends a Day with Koh Yung Shen of LANSI & The Swagger Salon

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Just in case you didn’t know, JUICE and The Swagger Salon go way back to 2011 when we named them the best local streetwear brand that year. It’s been a long but steady journey for co-founder Koh Yung Shen – who grew the brand with only RM5000 for the first batch of LANSI caps – and there seems to be no sign of defeat from the brand, only more innovative designs and catchy slogans on their clothing.

It sounds like a typical and slightly cliché tale of starting from the bottom to the top, however, the fruit of his labour has been evidently worth the hard work as the brand went from just a line of caps to The Swagger Salon – one of the country’s leading streetwear clothing labels. An ardent fan of hip hop, Koh learned a lot from his aspiring rapper days to handling The Swagger Salon store in Georgetown, Penang.

To inspire you on a blue Monday that dreams really do come true, watch this definitive video interview by Case East with Yung Shen, which shares the nitty-gritty of that daily hustle by the co-founder and brains behind the brand. As he says it himself, “I got sick of people asking me what I do in Penang all the time, so [Case East] decided to sum my daily life up in a six-minute video so I don’t have to repeat the same answers over and over again.”

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