Bronx Culture

What do you get when you cross over urban street elements with the culture of arts, fashion and music? Slather some iconic Western influences on top of influential Eastern revolution and bring on the cheers for Bronx Culture, a renowned urban lifestyle brand, opened doors to its inaugural flagship store at Sunway Pyramid recently.

Text Alyssa Iman Ryan

Images Streething
Since its emergence circa 2006, Singapore-based Bronx Inc. has been glorifying urbanwear royalties and with prolific French design duo, 123Klan (who made an appearance here), the launch was kicked into high gear.

Marrying innovative collaborations with its brilliant one-of-a-kind styles, Bronx Culture comprises of vast collections ranging from apparel, accessories and footwear. To date, the brand has collaborated with Hong Kong’s Tim Tsui, the Philippines’ Team Manila Graphic Design Studio, the French-Canadian husband-and-wife duo, 123Klan, as well as its latest stand out, New York’s Jeremyville for Spring/Summer 2011.

Apart from the celebrated welcoming of 123Klan, representing the four elements of hip hop culture (MCs, DJs, B-Boys and graffiti artists) were locals MC Altimet, one fourth of The Fabulous Cats – Adeep Nahar; designer Stephen Lau, graffiti artist Kenji Chai, and breakers Floor Fever Crew and Wakaka Crew. The latter then put on a display of their true dancefloor routine nature, much to the awe of everyone at the launch. With fresh choons popping from the decks, the crowd was kept entertained from start to finish.

Local graff artist BONE also did a massive canvas art piece for the store and 123Klan. Mucho love for that, Bone!

The highlight of the launch would have to be the live demonstration and mini-exhibition of graffiti arts by design powerhouse 123Klan themselves. The back-to-basics segment somehow resonated their humble beginning, hailing from a six-member graff crew to establishing their very own design studio. As the epitome of their own evolution, having their own creative agency has certainly uplifted their cult status to more than just designing, they are actively involved in consulting, branding and strategising, graphic design, photography, and video and motion design!

Bronx Culture is located at F1.87, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid. Stay tuned for our interview with 123Klan, coming soon! More on Bronx at