Beyoncé’s Activewear Ivy Park Will Be Available in Topshop Malaysia


It seems as though our annual ‘get healthy’ resolution might just happen this year. Beyoncé announced some time last week that she co-founded an activewear line that she’s baptised as Ivy Park. Doubts sparked amongst fans in Malaysia as goods from aren’t shipped to this particular area of the world; would this mean that we’d continue suffering the same fate with her activewear line? Would she really shatter our dreams of wanting to have her body? Of course not. Beyoncé is only cruel when she plans World Tours that only cover Europe and America.

The Queen has partnered with major retailers such as Topshop, Nordstrom, and Zalora to cater to her fanbase’s needs. Ivy Park’s products will be available for online purchase on Thursday 14 April ’16, however, if online transactions make you contemplate your very existence (as we do each time we’re browsing through ASOS), we’re thrilled to inform you that Topshop Malaysia will be carrying Ivy Park’s products at its branch in Mid Valley starting Friday 15 April ’16. It’s time to get in formation.

Watch Ivy Park’s promotional video below:

Ivy Park’s collection will be available at Topshop Mid Valley on Friday 15 April ’16. Keep up with the brand here. Follow Topshop Malaysia here.